Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Moments as a US Evertonian

With about an hour left until we ring in the new year, and hopefully a new run up the table, it is time to look back at my top moments as an US Evertonian for 2010.

4. Moyes Time
     Down 3-1 with stoppage time approaching this past September, Everton's chances of gaining anything from their clash against Manchester United appeared to be non existent. Then of course Manchester's defense revealed the fact that it is old and creaky, and just a wee bit leaky. as both Cahill and Arteta scored in stoppage time, and Everton were just denied a chance to win when the ref finally decided to end stoppage time a little bit early.

3. Spring Fling
    As the snow began to melt in 2010, Everton began the homestretch of their Premiership (SIB) campaign with an amazing run of form gathering 39 points from 57 points possible including wins over Manchester City both home and away, Manchester United, and Chelsea along with a 5-1 thrashing of Hull City

2. Donovan lands at Merseyside
    When Landon Donovan arrived on Merseyside just after the new year, few people if any could predict that 12 weeks later Donovan would leave Goodison with a lap of honor, and a standing ovation from a crowd that was chanting USA! USA! USA! Donovan's arrival coincided with Everton's march up the table, a march that eventually ended just outside of European qualification.

1. Goal Goal USA, certainly through, oh it's incredible!
     Was there really any doubt that this was going to top the list? All American soccer fans will remember where they were when after 90 minutes of battering the Algerian goal, America's Balding Eagle managed to slot home a rebound, and with it America's hopes lived to fight another day until Ghana stomped on them.

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